LAST MINUTE OFFERS for the Buenos Aires City Tour on Electric Bike

In a previous article we present you a City Tour on Electric Bike offered by Bike n’Wander. This 100% eco-friendly tour enables you to visit the most important places of Buenos Aires while enjoying a bike trip in the streets of the city. If would like to know more about this wonderful activity, you could find the descriptive article about the Bike Tour here.

In Argentina Exchange, we do our best to find offers that could help you to discover the incredible city of Buenos Aires. For December, there are offers for the Bike Tour that can interest you!

  • On December 13th, there is a 3 hours-Green n’Trendy tour in English scheduled. On this date, there is one place available with a 40% discount if you are the fastest. You could pay $29,40 rather than $49,00. You can’t miss it!
  • On December 16th, there is also a 3 hours-Green n’Trendy tour in English scheduled. This time, Bike n’Wander offer 1 place if you come with a group between 3 and 5 people! If you want to visit Buenos Aires by bike with your friends, you can’t miss this offer!

If you need more information about the offers or the tour, don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments.

Contact us through the comments if you want to book your city tour!