Internship with free Spanish classes.

Internship with free Spanish classes.

An opportunity to learn Spanish and earn professional experience in Buenos Aires. We are cooperating with our schools partners to research interns who could help us in communication.


We created a program which enables to study Spanish free while obtaining professional experience too.

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Profile: Young student in Marketing, International Relations, Tourism, Languages or similar courses.

The chosen person for this internship will be somebody very motivated, interested by the Argentinian culture who wants to learn Spanish quickly in order to integrate himself as intern in a Spanish school.


How to apply?

You have to send us your CV or motivation letter with the following information:

  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Complete name
  • Academic education
  • Spanish level


You will also have to answer to these following questions:

1- Why would you like to do an internship in Buenos Aires?

2- Why do we have to choose you to be part of our team?


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Send your application to our representative: giovanna@courconnect.com

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