We provide personalized Solutions.

We can help you from the moment you start planning to come to Argentina.

Tell us your motivations to come to Argentina and we'll help you define your trip.


Once you have defined your main activities during your time in Argentina, you must choose your argentinean home "HOGAR", We'll contact you directly with property owners and other students that share their houses.

Spanish Courses

Your spanish level will define how you interact and discover the country. Select any course in our recommended schools in buenos Aires, we garantee best price in all schools - no commision added. **We are courconnect partners.


Volunteer activities are a great chance to help the more needed and discover other side of the argentinean reality.

Training & Internships

We are connected with many startups and small companies, join them as an intern and get the experience in your field of interest.


Once you are here, you cant leave without discovering the best spots of the country. We'll suggest you which destinations to visit according with the time of the year you come and your free time.

Cultural Agenda

Buenos Aires Cultural agenda is plenty of opportunities to do and visit everyday - you'll have a weekly newsletter with news and the updated agenda.


We are partners of "International Night Buenos Aires" - The locals and Internationals agenda for going outs with host in each event. You wont miss an opportunity to go out.

Personal tutors

Are there to provide students with support, advice and guidance on an individual level during all the experiencie.